Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Getting Better ROI from Your Pay per Click Campaign

A successful pay per click campaign is a culmination of numerous factors. Take a look at some of the considerations you have to put in mind for the best results.

Use Negative Campaign to Check Keywords

The negative keyword strategy you put in place matters a lot. It not only saves you money but enhances click-through rates and increases the relevancy of your target audience. Whereas traditional keywords will cause your ads to appear for relevant searches, the use of negative keywords will prevent the triggering of your ads. Therefore, search networks will restrict the display of your ads to users searching for phrases that contain the negative keywords you have used. In short, the use of negative keywords will prevent you from showing ads to the wrong target audience.

Make the Right Offer to Your Prospective Clients

The use of the appropriate keywords with your pay per click ads is paramount. It is why potential customers come to your site but don’t fill forms and then proceed to click on your rival’s ads. What could be missing in such situations is a compelling offer that is meant to entice users to fill out forms. Here, ensure to place the offer on your ad and landing page since that move will increase your conversion and click-through rates. Some of the lead generation offers you can make use of include free trial offers, white papers/eBooks, and audio. The secret is to provide something in exchange for the information given on the forms by potential clients.

Understand the Impact of Dynamic Keyword Insertion to Your Campaign

Dynamic keyword insertion results in the bolding words in search phrases if they happen to appear in your ads. It is an elaborate way of writing ads to enable the insertion of a user’s search query in the text you have used. A user will view and click on an ad that contains the precise text that he or she has entered. An increase in click-through rates, higher relevancy, and higher quality scores is what results from dynamic keyword insertion. Other benefits include saving time and being able to get around character limitations with ease.

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