Friday, 1 April 2016

Worth a Thousand Words: SEO Tips to Help You Optimise Your Photographs

The Value of the Right Usage of Keywords

The primary aim of SEO is to make your website accessible to all members of your target audience. Therefore, you need to make it easy for potential visitors who are searching for your goods or services to find your site. Using the right keywords will make that possible since you will anticipate what such visitors want and take steps to make it accessible to them.

Optimising Your Images to Generate Traffic

An SEO company, such as Clicks in Motion, will help you optimise images through the use of techniques like: the use of ALT text, appropriately sized pictures, using relevant images, minimizing load time, and others. All of these are done to make it easier for Google to pull your images up as search results. In turn, search engine users can easily follow those images back to your website.

Blogging and Its Importance to Your Website

Your online content marketing strategy is heavily reliant on blogging, as it positions you as a knowledgeable party in your particular industry. It also enhances better relationships with customers, boost search engine optimisation, and connect the public to your brand.

Bookmarking your Images

One of the elaborate techniques to increase web traffic is by submitting your content to social bookmarking websites because search engines index such sites swiftly. A knowledgeable search engine optimisation expert knows about this strategy and will be happy to implement it to your benefit.

Increasing Your Presence in Pinterest and Instagram

Integrating social media into your SEO strategy is critical because links to such platforms have a tremendous impact on your website’s search ranks. Visual marketing with Instagram and Pinterest is also one of the top trends as people are more interested in seeing information rather than reading it.


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