Monday, 9 May 2016

Use the Popularity of Mobile Devices for Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Ever since mobile usage overtook desktop usage in searches, mobile remains to be dominant in the online world. This could probably be attributed to the increase of smartphone and tablet ownership over desktop PCs. This left marketers with no doubt that mobile is an important avenue to take advantage of, and its potential for advertising.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Essential SEO Tools You Need for Running a Successful Website

It’s no secret that the higher you are ranked at the search results page, the higher your chances of getting visitors to your website. This is because users tend to associate higher ranks to credibility. And that is best achieved through a process called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is basically a way for you to increase the traffic you get through natural or organic methods that abide by rules set by search engines. Fortunately there are a few useful SEO tools you can use to your advantage today.