Thursday, 7 July 2016

Improve Your Pay Per Click Efforts and Remember These Simple PPC Hacks

One thing about posting ads on Google is that methods that were seemingly effective last year would have little to no impact this year. Google is an ever-changing platform, and advertisers who fail to keep up with these changes are bound to fail despite their best efforts.

If you’re running a pay per click strategy, you can follow these tricks to help you achieve the best results.
Optimising your Quality Score
Google seemingly downplays the importance of the Quality Score, but keep in mind that it actually impacts your click-through rate and ad ranking in ways that would surprise you. In fact, Google actually rewards advertisers with a high QS.

Furthermore, your Quality Score can also have an impact on how often your ads will appear. Every point you’re able to improve on your Quality Score can even cause an increase in Impression Share.

Appeal to Emotions

Unfortunately, most ads found on Google are average or before average performers. This is because these ads contain the same message, earning them at most single-digit clicks.

On the other hand, there are those rare ads that tend to get a bigger number of clicks. How so? This is because these ads were able to appeal to their audience in an emotional level. In other words, ads are more effective when they are able to evoke emotion.

Bid Multipliers

In a nutshell, you can attribute greater worth to clicks at specific times of the day, or dayparting. This is the general idea with bid multipliers. Here, you can create a schedule wherein the bids for particular keywords are higher in their optimal times.

All these tricks and tips can be even more effective when you work with an online marketing expert today!


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