Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Optimising Pay Per Click Landing Pages for Conversion and Retention

Good quality landing pages retain pay per click visitors and convert them into customers. A greater conversion rate also reduces average cost-per-click, resulting in better a better return for the business.

Product Videos

Landing page videos are recommended by nearly nine tenths of marketing experts. Actually showing the product or service to potential customers is far more memorable and convincing, which is why conversion rates can increase by up to 86 percent (according to EyeView Digital). Instinctively liked and trusted by most visitors, short videos tend to deepen the connection with buyers. Not only this, but sharing leads to organic (and occasionally viral) growth. These shared testimonials are also helpful in a B2B environment.

To obtain the maximum possible effect, it is important to know one’s market and decide exactly what the objective of the video is. The aim is to explain customer benefits concisely, with engaging content.

Quality Content

Good wording has a direct impact on how effective a landing page is. A landing page should then include high-quality content based on the right keywords and phrases. For example, a music shop might wish to name some of the best-selling instruments, along with the keywords seller, music shop, learn the (instrument) and so on, as well as the location. Every page needs to have at least 250 words of descriptive text without padding out the word count artificially. Quality (not quantity) is essential, avoid duplicate content.

Call to Action

A compelling call to action (CTA) is imperative. In the same way that a good salesperson asks for the order, an online presence should use the appropriate tone to invite and encourage the online customer to click to order the product or service on offer.


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