Monday, 15 February 2016

The Importance of SEO in Maintaining Your Company’s Brand Online

Link building is a practice that website owners have been using for years to improve their rankings on search engines. The practice refers to how a site gets other sites to link to link to it. Link building is essentially a popularity contest between sites. Search engines evaluate the links on a site and use them for rankings. They also use a variety of metrics to examine the links on a certain site. Companies and individuals now dedicate a significant amount of resources to ensure that their sites get quality link building to improve their rankings.

Traditional Link Building

Traditionally, link building was not as comprehensive as it is today. Experts used various black hat optimisation tactics to build up the popularity of a site. One such strategy was using spam links on a site just to give the impressions that it is popular. These tactics are no longer working because search engines have smart algorithms. Now it is all about quality over quantity. Search engines are now looking for trustworthy sites with authority.

Brand Mentions and Citations

Just recently, Google got an update to its algorithm and started giving more importance to brand mentions and citations. Online mentions and citations have become fundamental aspects of link building. The content on a particular site can specify a brand or a citation to identify the source. Brand mentions and citations are essential because one, there is little chance of manipulation. There is also more brand authority with mentions and citations.

Implied Links

Implied links refer to the use of brand mentions and citations on a site without having the express link. With these types of links, there is a brand mention or a citation but users are not actually able to go to the source using an implied link. SEO experts are using both express and implied links to improve rankings. Whether using either options or both, it is essential to keep links natural because Google views them with more authority. Quality content is one of the best ways to build high-standard links.

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