Monday, 9 May 2016

Use the Popularity of Mobile Devices for Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Ever since mobile usage overtook desktop usage in searches, mobile remains to be dominant in the online world. This could probably be attributed to the increase of smartphone and tablet ownership over desktop PCs. This left marketers with no doubt that mobile is an important avenue to take advantage of, and its potential for advertising.

Visitor Behavior

With almost everyone on their smartphones, consumer behavior has change drastically. People nowadays look to their mobile devices to get information on products, services, stores, etc. Consumer now also tend do their online shopping on their phones while they’re on the go. With mobile technology not looking to slow down anytime soon, we can only expect smartphones to play a key role in the market for the foreseeable future.

Advertising Potential

With the positive response from mobile users, per click pay advertising on the mobile front is certainly viable. But with the rise of ad blockers is cause enough for concern to any marketer out there. This doesn’t mean, however, that users are unwilling to give ads a second look. What they’re looking for are “non-intrusive” ads in the form of sponsored blog posts or advertorials. These ads are designed to be integrated with the site’s regular content so they seem less annoying.

Picking a Platform

Picking where to launch you PPC campaign is also a very important detail. Before, people viewed Google and Facebook as adversaries when it comes PPC, but that’s no longer the case today. Although the two are entirely different platforms, many find that advertising on both achieves maximum visibility as well as increased leads and sales.

Click-Through Opportunities
Click-through rates or CTR is the number of clicks your ads get per number of impressions. One goal for your PPC is to achieve a high CTR for better ROI. While some tactics already work well for you now, you should not let opportunities pass you by. You can further increase your CTR through utilizing multiple interaction points, using tools, modifying the landing page, and using social extensions.


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